Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...And Guido Makes Three

What?! Two blog posts in one day? Unpossible, you say? With the Wreckers, anything is possible.

So here's a preview of the third installment of Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers, written by James Roberts and Nick Roche. Those with a keen artistic eye will notice that two of these pages aren't drawn by the fantabulous Nick Roche. But you'll be happy to know that fan-favorite and all-around nice guy Guido Guidi handled the pages involving Kup's team in this issue, and will be seeing some more action in #4, setting up an all-Roche grand finale in #5.

So check out the preview and pick up your copy Wednesday (or Thursday across the pond).


  1. Rotorstorm is officially awesome.

  2. Holy mother of gods, this is AWESOME. Much happier now I've seen Guido's work fitting in with Roche's too- was concerned that we had another Max Dinos on our hands...

  3. One word to Rotorstorm.



    :D And no offense to those that like Rotorstorm. Dude's lovable as he is.

  4. Wow, hope Rotorstorm doesn't die, or some people are gonna be pissed...

  5. Anonymous2:44 AM PDT

    If he dies, I'm coming about your gaff with a cricket bat Denton.

  6. Bring it! I learned a thing or two about avoiding cricket bats at Gallifrey One.