Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roche in the Dungeon

Transformers artist/writer/fanboy Nick Roche also happens to be an excellent caricaturist. When I asked him to work his magic for our D&D mascot, he quickly responded with the above art.

I thought he nailed the fun, whimsical image I was looking for. Then fantabulous colorist Josh Perez gave it the hues to really bring it to life, as seen below.


  1. Magic +5! :D NEAT. So, "Quill Rain" or "Sting of Papercuts" included in your aresenal? :3

    *can never get the hang of DnD*

  2. Thats so lovely! <3 Excelent work, guys!

    That mean youre now a mascot?? XD Awn!

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