Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SDCC slide show

For those that didn't make it to Comic-Con International this past week, here's a video of the slide show.


  1. Cool side show. AMH looks VERY interesting.

    I'm going to try and make it point of being at SDCC next year from jolly old England to see this and to meet you good people from IDW in person :)

  2. I highly recommend it, Martin. It's a blast meeting fans and pros alike. Not to mention seeing all the cool new products and sneak peeks. I just wish I had more time to actually see the show instead of working it!

  3. Well, considering mt first graphic novel is in the August edition of Previews, I should make the effort to see SDCC and get even more written work out there.

    If Mr Bank Manager lets me and I can room share with someone, consider me there, or maybe Botcon, or both :)

  4. Anonymous5:20 PM PDT

    Thanks, Denton, that was great to see. "All Hail Megatron" looks spectacular. And those upcoming titles, Destiny, The Thirteen... Oh this is just getting better! It makes me wish I coulda been in San Diego. All the best, man.

  5. Anonymous5:38 PM PDT

    Thanks for posting this slideshow Denton. I wasn't a big Transformers fan until the film came out but now I can't seem to get enough of those robots in disguise. The upcoming titles look pretty awesome and I am definatly adding them to my pull list as they become available.
    I'm going to embed this slideshow on my website for all comic fans to see.

  6. You're welcome, guys! And thanks, Gary, for helping spread the word.

  7. Anonymous8:33 PM PDT

    Hey Denton,

    Congrats on a successful con, lots of great and exciting news all around. I've seen a couple of different report summaries of the IDW TF panel, some say there's a possibility of a 2nd printing for AHM #1 and some say it's happening. But there's been no official word from IDW about it. Would you be able to tell us the status on that?



  8. Awesome! Thanks for posting this since I couldn't be there Friday! Again, it was great to meet all of you guys.

  9. Nothing to report yet. Fingers crossed!

  10. Anonymous3:03 PM PDT

    I stopped by my local comic shop today looking for some All Hail Megatron. Apparently, it's selling surprisingly well here in southern Mississippi. My comic guy mentioned the possible second printing as well. I'd love to see that happen, for obvious selfish reasons, but til it does, I'll have my fingers crossed too. Thanks for keeping us posted!