Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Return of the Don

I recently hinted at the return of one of the great TF artists on the IDW Forum, and posters were quick and accurate with their guess. The Don's back, baby!

Mr. Figueroa's return will be found in Movie Prequel: Defiance #3, due out in March. In the meantime, Defiance #1 hits stands January 21, brought to you by the creative team of Chris Mowry, Dan Khanna, Andrew Griffith and Josh Perez!

A sneak peek from Defiance #3:


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  2. Anonymous4:53 AM PST

    Looks awesome can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

  3. Omigod this is the best news EVER. Don was put on this Earth to draw the Transformers, and the universe has been profoundly out of order during his hiatus. Thanks so much for posting this news. You have restored my faith in IDW. w00t!!!

  4. Anonymous2:08 PM PST

    Awesome news about Don returning! Hopefully it's longer than just 1 issue.

    Thanks for updating the release dates Denton. If AHM #8 and Defiance #2 are able to be released on Feb 25th I think then all releases would be caught up with solicitations. :)

  5. Anonymous6:08 PM PST

    So what are the odds of getting him a writing gig as well as making his exceptional artwork? I remember the fancomic he wrote, and although he didn't finish it, the story was really good.

  6. Anonymous7:10 PM PST

    Its pretty awesome that Don is bringing his great style back to Transformers, I can't wait to see this issue in all its greatness!