Monday, June 8, 2009

Who Made Who?

Doctor Who: Autopia arrives in stores this week, and Major Spoilers has the preview here. Written by John Ostrander with art by Kelly Yates and colors by Kris Carter.


  1. Yates is an excellent artist.
    Ostrander? Amazing writer.

    If this is of poorer then average quality, I shall go around to someone's house with a cricket bat ;-)

    From the preview there's a wonderful possibility for some Doctor instigated anarchy. Which would be jolly.

    I'm also wondering if there'll be a Transformers in-joke :-D

  2. You've been saved from the Cricket bat ([doom laden voice] this time [/doom laden voice]).

    It was a cracker story IMO.
    Reminiscent of some classic Who (where the Doctor topples an oppressive regime in a night with his wits) and yet wonderfully new series (the interaction between the Doctor and Donna, the fact that Donna triggers the rebellion, rather then the Doctor etc).

  3. hey Denton,
    sorry to bother you but... do you know when the 1st TF movie omnibus is coming out?


  4. Maybe next year. But we're also looking at giving them the hardcover treatment.

  5. Thanks for the answer. Amazon had it listed for May and I was a bit confused. How come it's not released now with all the movie promotion and all that?