Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two Sides to Every Story

Artists get most of the love, but without the writer, there'd be no story. So here's an excerpt of Shane McCarthy's pitch for All Hail Megatron taken from Focus On: Decepticons, which arrives in stores tomorrow!

Just how bad can it get?

The measure of any hero is the obstacles he faces or the villains he must vanquish. If a hero's villains are weak or ineffectual, then the hero, by the most rudimentary of logic, mustn't be all that powerful or indeed heroic. If we're going to see what our heroes are truly made of, we need to deliver a villain (or, in this case, villains) who push the heroes to the breaking point and beyond, that not only challenge them physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

With the Transformers, we have at our disposal some of the greatest villains ever to grace modern-day pop culture. These guys are, apparently, the nastiest of the nasty; what is Megatron if not a 60-foot-tall metal tyrant with a nuclear cannon strapped to one arm? So, let's take the gloves off, unhook the leash and see just what the Decepticons are made of.

If we're going to understand the validity of the Autobots as protectors, it's about time we say what would happen if the Decepticons were left unchecked!

So what are we really trying to do here?

We'll be bringing a “real world” approach to the book to show the ramifications of the Transformers' civil war on our planet. It will also be the goal of the series to better explain, reveal and expose the characterization of the individual Transformers and their respective ideologies.

In the end, execution is everything, and we'll be achieving all of this by using a wild, widescreen-style approach. Each issue will slam the reader in the face with exciting visuals and continuing reasons to come running back each and every month. More than anything, we need to restore the awe and majesty to the Transformers and remind people not only of their continuing relevance as fictional characters, but of the very reason we fell in love with them to begin with.

Nothing can top the sheer spectacle of giant robots battling it out on our planet for the sake of the universe!

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