Monday, April 7, 2008

Bang Your (Hard)Head!

Here's a nifty page for all those "Hardheaded" fans out there. From Spotlight: Hardhead by all-around nice guy Nick Roche, who is the artist on this book, not Robby Musso as stated in the solicitation from Diamond.


  1. You're spoiling us Denton. Thanks!

  2. If I continue at this pace, we won't have anything new to publish!

  3. Oh yeah, this is great!

    Show us some more Denton. Who's doing the colouring on this one?

  4. Nightbeat!!!!!

    More this!

  5. The colorist will be Kris Carter, who's working away right now on Spotlight: Cyclonus.

  6. Anonymous2:03 AM PDT

    Denton, nothing personal against Kris Carter, but I really can't understand why he's getting so much work when far more talented people such as Liam Shalloo or Andrew Elder don't. I have no problems with him or his work, I actually like it, but two such important Spotlights for him? That's beyond me :(

    Anyway, nice art, and I keep looking forward to reading both Cyclonus and Hardread. I'm absolutely enamoured with the great job you guys are doing with this franchise. So thanks :P

  7. Anonymous2:10 AM PDT

    now THATS the nick roche art i wanna see

  8. Anonymous1:56 AM PDT

    I just lvoe this Version of Hardhead. Can't wait to see What goodness Nick Brings to the Table.
    It looks like they are back on planet Nightbeat visited in is Solo so Hopefully we get more Mini partols Fun.
    Mark H